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If you are interested in commissioning Michelle to make you your own beautiful custom painting, you're in the right place! She is a very versatile painter and enjoys working in many different styles, colour palettes and mediums. She has a fixed price list and charges per linear inch, and charges a little less for watercolour paintings than oil or acrylic paintings. Her price list based on size is posted below in PDF form, but if there are any in between sizes you are interested in, just email her at and she will help you out.

Price List:

Michelle will consult with you on all of the particulars of the commission such as size, subject matter, colour preferences, composition and timeline. She will make several preliminary sketches (by hand or digitally) for you to pick from. Once you and Michelle decide on all of the details of the commission and you decide to move forward, she will ask you for a 50% deposit so she can begin working on the painting. The other 50% of the commission price will be due at the completion of the painting. She will update you with progress photos while the painting is being worked on if desired, and respond to any requests or changes in direction that you may wish. Thank you so much for your interest and enjoy the gallery below!


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